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2020 Summer Classes
Fee: $180

New pastel sets 48 full sticks Dick Blick sets (no oil pastels) are available for purchase w/3 week advance notice for $25. Free lender used sets may also be available upon 1 week advance request & availability.

June 8-12 9:00-11:30
June 22-26 9:00-11:30
July 13-17 9:00-11:30

Betsy Miller's
Colors of the Heart Studio

2005 McKissick Dr. Friendswood, TX 77546
281-482-8936 www.colorsoftheheartstudio.com

2019-2020 Class Calendar

Session I

Session II

Session III

Session IV

Mon- 4:-00-5:30
August 19th - October 14th
(no class Sept 2nd)

Mon- 4:-00-5:30
October 21ST - Dec 16th
(no class Nov 25th)

Mon- 4:-00-5:30
January 13th - March 2nd

Mon- 4:-00-5:30
March16th - May 4th
(no class Mar 9th)

Wed 5:30- 7:00
August 21st - October 9th

Wed 5:30- 7:00
October 16th - Dec 11th
(no class Nov 27th)

Wed 5:30- 7:00
January 8th - February 26th

Wed 5:30- 7:00
March 4th - April 29th
(no class Mar 11th)

Thurs 4:00-5:30
August 22nd - October 10th

Thurs 4:00-5:30
October 17th Dec 12th
(no class Nov 28th)

Thurs 4:00-5:30
January 9th - February 27th

Thurs 4:00-5:30
March 5th - April 30th
(no class Mar 12th)

Friday- 4:00-5:30
August 23rd - October 11

Friday- 4:00-5:30
October 18th - Dec 13th
(no class Nov 29th)

Friday- 4:00-5:30
January 10th - Feb 28th

Friday- 4:00-5:30
March 6th - May 1st
(no class Mar 13th)

Sat- 9:30-11:00
August 17th - October 5th

Sat- 9:30-11:00
October 12th - Dec 14th
(no class Nov 23 & 30)

Sat- 9:30-11:00
January 11th - Feb 29th

Sat- 9:30-11:00
March 7th - May 2nd
(no class Mar 14th


Tuition & Supply Fees (Make checks payable to "Betsy Miller").
8 Week Pastel Classes: (Typically 1, 16"x20" painting completed) Ages 7-Adult
$200.00+$25 supply fee (set of 48 sticks Dick Blick Pastels)
1 set typically lasts entire school year or 4 pictures.                                                                         
1 week summer sessions $165

Students may purchase these or comparable set separately but
no oil pastels.
If purchasing pastels with Betsy please preorder.

No sibling discount in 1 week summer classes

$15 discount in 6 & 8 week semesters

Summer 1 Week Pastel Classes:
$165.00 (16"x20" painting completed) No sibling discounts
New pastels recommended-gently used sets are available to borrow upon advance notice.

Commissions and Private Lessons

Available on request









MAKE UP CLASSES::One Free per 8 week session
No Makeups during 1 week classes







Prices and schedule are subject to change. Check back often. Changes will be posted on the site.